11 dead in 15 hours: Civil society needs a voice

Immediate release
08 November 2022

Reports of the latest spate of murders are sending shockwaves through SA, and reveal the need for civic bodies to come to the fore, and make their voices heard.

“We have a role to play, as civil society, in educating communities about the true impact of the issues facing our society, such as violent crime and substance use”, says Anneke Burns, Communications Specialist.

“It’s not enough to recognise the factors that contribute to violence in our society, we have to do something about it. We need to educate our society about the true cost of maladaptive behaviour, and this needs to happen before people fall into detrimental, and criminal behaviour,” she added.

According to Burns, NGOs and civic bodies need to embolden their voices, to help guide our country into the right direction.

“At this point, it’s obvious that government needs us as civil society to help it in whatever way we can, so I urge the public to support NGOs working to build safer communities. I also urge NGOs to embolden their voices as leaders in civil society, to turn the corner and get SA back on track to a brighter future”.

11 Lives have been lost in two separate incidents. The effects will be felt in 11 homes, by 11 different families. The time is truly upon us to take a different course.


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Anneke Burns
Communications Specialist – Anneke Burns PR

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