5 Top tips for communicators

In every edition, I offer top tips and helpful insights to get your PR work flowing smoothly.

This week, I’d like to offer a quick snapshot of key implements that you need to run your comm’s effectively.

Keep your calendar in Excel
Being disciplined in keeping track of your upcoming PR and communications actions is a very important measure if you want to keep sight of the strategic relevance, delivery, and impact of your communications work. Use a Google Sheet or Excel on SharePoint to make this accessible and avoid having different versions of the same document flying around on email.
Run weekly or biweekly comms meetings
PR and communications meetings are a vital touch point for the sake of ideation, content planning, risk management, and all-round inclusivity.
Invest in media monitoring
In some cases, cuttings services may offer reduced rates or even free services to those in the NGO space, other bodies might be able to negotiate a tailored package based on their needs. If this is still a little costly, you can opt for Press Reader.
Speaking of Press Reader..
This tool will also empower you to read the news daily, which is important for your thought leadership and reactive communications outputs as you want to be as current and informed as possible.
Mixed reality PR is your best bet
To reach as wide an audience, relevant to your agenda as possible, feel free to to express your views and actions across a range of platforms, varying from earned, paid, to owned. Here’s a quick breakdown of what they are:
Earned: News media and bloggers
Paid: Influencer marketing, digital and social media marketing, advertising, and paid placements.
Owned: Your own social media channels (to build Influence and credibility), your own blog (to rank better on Google), and your own newsletter (to talk to your audience without interference).

I hope these tips have offered some helpful insights into the implementation of your communications and digital marketing agenda.

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