Free PR Guides to help your PR journey

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I love the process of bringing value to market and the possibility of sharing my skills and expertise with more people makes me so excited.

So I took some time to start a series of value-adds that I think will be of use to anyone who is interested in or involved in the communications actions of their organization.

After 10 years in the communications arena, two degrees, and numerous courses, I’m grateful to share some of what I have learned by means of these accessible guides, to help prompt your PR thinking.

We’re still doing some back end work to polish the format (at the time of publishing this blog), but you can already access the guides from my website and have them emailed to you instantly.

My hope is that these will spark the clarity that you need to get you started on your PR journey. A world of value awaits you in the form of the brand building benefits that an effective PR and communications strategy will bring you.

If you want to learn more, send an inquiry to or by completing the contact form on this website.

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