Local PR business lands 4th client in 9 months

‘We started out doing work in the NGO sector but we’ve branched out into small to medium businesses’ says Anneke Burns, Co-Founder of Premier Media & Events

A public relations start-up owned by husband and wife duo, Richard and Anneke Burns, has landed its fourth client in under a year. This despite the adverse impact that the pandemic has had on businesses across South Africa.

Co-Founder, Anneke Burns, accredits this achievement to their eagerness to serve as well as their love for storytelling as a means of communication. “People are drawn to stories because it gives us a glimpse into the lives and experiences of others. That is incredibly enriching for both the storyteller, as well as the reader because it allows us to form lasting connections”, she said.

The agency has a client mix that represents the interests of its founders. From cause-focused issues like crime prevention and homeless, to business development like lead generation for home improvement startups and real estate agents.

The main thrust of their work centers around events, traditional media and digital marketing, with a focus on sales and lead generation.

“We are grateful for the opportunity to work with the clients that we represent. We’re currently looking at expanding our roster to service businesses in the automotive, interior design, and telecommunications sectors.

“Our goal is to grow a business that can bring others along by creating sustainable opportunities to empower others along the way”, she concluded.

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