OpenAI is turning content creation on its head

Here’s a quick look at ChatGPT, a topic that will be a standing feature as we talk communications in times to come.

The main benefit that OpenAI offers is that it’s like running a Google search without having to work out which of the top ranking items is going to serve you best. Rather, ChatGPT gives you quite good information in response to any question that you ask it. The possibilities are endless.

Before you cut and paste whatever the tool spits out, please note that there are tools that can pick up whether content was generated by AI, so for the time being at least, I’d advise against copying and pasting your ChatGPT response and serving it up as though it were your own.

On the whole, it’s hard to deny the potential that ChatGPT has to offer for content generation. With that said, nothing can quite replace the human touch.

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