Storytime: some of my best moments

“I did yoga with my boss”

It’s been more than 10 years since I started in communications and I feel moved to share some of the best moments along the way.

Getting my first communications job I thought I was going to be a researcher. I have a Humanities degree so that seemed like a good place to start my career. Little did I know that the social media monitoring agency that hired me would set me on a path, however random, toward becoming a publicist.

Another major highlight for me was working at the National Parliament and the Western Cape Provincial Parliament. This had always been my dream. I studied humanities, as I mentioned, and majored in politics, so being at these institutions was the gold standard to me. I remember I lived just off Adderley Street in Cape Town, and would walk either across Church Square to Parliament or up Wale Street to the Provincial Parliament. At that time, I was also lecturing Politics and Political Communications, I was fully immersed in all the things that got me fired up. I was part of preparing for debates, State of the Nation Addresses, State of the Province Addresses, constituency tours and campaigns. It was a career highlight indeed.

Another experience that jumps out at me is the fact that I did yoga with my boss. This was around the time that I became Provincial Communications Manager, and I noticed my line manager was into fitness, so I invited her along to a hot yoga class and I still have a vivid image of the two of us in tights, pink in the face, keeping up with the class, and each other, as best we could. I’ve since toned down the yoga due to my faith walk but it’s still fun to reminisce.

I often talk about landing my first client. I had recently lost a business, had a baby, and something in me just clicked that I needed to take care of this little one. So, I got on the phone and within a few moments, I had a solid prospect which turned into my first retainer client. More than landing the client, I must say, I enjoyed our working relationship so much.

These are just some of the highlights that I wanted to share. So often, we focus on what we should do, or what we should have done better. We seldom sit back and enjoy some of the best bits that we got to experience along the way.

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